JEAN’s Sister is a creatively driven full service agency founded by a group of free thinking individuals who share a love for television, advertising, and carbonated water. After writing and directing for MTV and spending several years doing the same for some of the best ad agencies in the world, we saw an opportunity to take what we learned from both the promo and ad world and mesh it together to form our own agency. In sum, we are writers. Creatives. Directors. Content Creators. Editors. We are JEAN’s Sister.



We partner with networks, ad agencies, movie studios and brands to develop big ideas with unobvious thinking that actually cuts through. Simply said, we create work that works. We have a tone and a voice all our own and we love to use it. We have a distinct directing style that gets our work praised in the trades.

Sometimes clients seek us out to strictly direct their ideas. Others call on us for our writing chops as well. Comedy is our first love but we welcome the drama. From concepting to show launching to directing to post production, we are proud of everything we present and produce. Modern culture changes quickly, we not only keep up with the trends, we help networks and brands adapt. Lastly, we love what we do so much we’d be doing this even if people paid us in oyster crackers. But please don’t pay us in oyster crackers.